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SCHELLE SCH1088 Carbon Battery Strap B5M

SCHELLE SCH1088 Carbon Battery Strap B5M

$ 16.00

Carbon Battery Strap B5M

B5M Carbon Battery Strap Features:

  1. 2.5 mm Carbon Fiber, CNC routed and pocketed.
  2. Partially removes kit battery foams with slotted battery stop mount in front.  Stainless steel screws and aluminum nuts included.
  3. Lowers weight from 14g to 7g by changing from the kit plastic battery strap and foam.
  4. Extra clearance for center mounting the ESC in front of the battery.
  5. Wide stance holds batteries secure and pocketed upper ensures you'll never install it upside down and scuff the carbon on top.
  6. Narrow rear tongue allows for chassis flex through full range of motion without hitting.
  7. Schelle mini decal included.
  8. Fits B5M, B5M Factory Lite, T5M, and SC5M.


Note:   The machined carbon fiber pockets are light gray from the factory.  To get the darker look, wipe some WD-40 on the exposed carbon surface.  The oil will soak into the machined pocket areas and darken the surface.


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