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MUGEN E0065 MBX6T M-Spec 1/8 Scale Off-Road Competition Truggy (Race Roller)

MUGEN E0065 MBX6T M-Spec 1/8 Scale Off-Road Competition Truggy (Race Roller)

$ 599.99 $ 999.99

Mugen Seiki Racing is proud to introduce the New MBX6T M-Spec 1/8  Factory Built Nitro Truggy.

The M-Spec is factory built to Mugen's specifications. Whether you are a seasoned racer or a beginner that wants true performance the M-Spec will deliver. All the differentials and shock oils, shock springs, ride height, camber and caster adjustments are straight from the Mugen race team. The world of 1/8 nitro Truggy racing just got easier with the MBX M-spec!

MBX6T M-Spec Race Roller Features:
  • Front Differential 7000 wt oil
  • Center Differential 10000 wt oil
  • Rear Differential 4000 wt oil
  • Front Shocks 500 wt oil
  • 10T Super Soft Front Springs
  • Rear Shocks 450 wt oil
  • 10T Long Rear Springs
  • Low profile MBX6T body
MBX6T Kit Features:
  • 3 Differential Shaft Driven 4WD
  • 150cc fuel tank
  • A7075 (T6) Aluminum Chassis
  • 15mm Threaded Front/Rear Shock Sets
  • 4mm Front/Rear Carbon Graphite Shock Towers
  • Front Plastic Tension Rod
  • Rear Aluminum Tension Rod
  • Pre-Glued Brake Pads
  • Hard Anodized Chassis, Shock Related Parts, Wheel Hubs & Nuts, etc…
  • New Air Filter with Pre-Filter
  • New Geometry Front Suspension
  • Center/Front/Rear Universal Drive Shafts
  • Self-Locking Wheel Nuts
  • Rear Suspension Mud/Dirt Guards
  • Scale: 1/8
  • Drive: 4WD
  • Class: Nitro
  • Wheel Base: 373 ~ 378mm
  • Width: 433mm
  • Weight: approx. 4,000g
  • Gear Ratio: 16.28:1
Items Needed for Completion:
  • Big Block Nitro Engine
  • Tuned Exhaust System
  • 2 Channel Radio System and 8AA Batteries
  • High Torque Steering & Brake Servo's (2)
  • 6V Receiver Battery
  • Glow Driver
  • Starter Box & Batteries
  • Nitro Fuel & Fuel Bottle
  • Paint for Polycarbonate Body
  • Charger for Receiver Pack & Starter Box Batteries
  • Truggy Tires and Wheels


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