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HOT RACING YEX156R01 Aluminum Adjustable Piggyback Reservoir Shock

HOT RACING YEX156R01 Aluminum Adjustable Piggyback Reservoir Shock

$ 48.88

Aluminum Adjustable Piggyback Reservoir Shock

adjustable piggyback (aka piggy-back, reservoir) shock upgrades. This kit complements factory shock components to create the ultimate shock system. The adjustable reservoir allows shock pressure to be tuned for performance. The kit replaces stock plastic components, including the shock: cap, reservoir, collar, spring retainer, and lower nut.


- CNC machined billet aluminum construction
- Adjustable shock reservoir
- Double-sealed reservoir piston to eliminate piston blow-by
- Built in bleeder allows for the reduction of entrapped air to provide additional shock oil volume
- Anodized black and red for durability, corrosion resistance, and aesthetics
- Hot Racing logo is laser etched on piggyback (reservoir) body
- Replaces factory plastic components, including: shock cap, reservoir, spring retainer, and lower shock nut


- Two (2) assembled aluminum adjustable piggyback shocks caps
- Two (2) aluminum adjustable spring collars
- Two (2) aluminum spring retainers
- Two (2) aluminum lower shock cap
- Two (2) Upper shock cap o-rings
- Two (2) lower shock cap bushings


- Silicone shock oil of modeler's choice
- Recommended to use Team Associated's Green Slime lube (ASC1105) for shock o-rings


- Compatible with both the Axial kit and the RTR Yeti XL

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