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HOT RACING W100X1 6 Size .01 Shim Pack 2-8mm

HOT RACING W100X1 6 Size .01 Shim Pack 2-8mm

$ 14.99

6 Size .01 Shim Pack 2-8mm

Assortment of shim washers, 0.004 inch thick


- Stainless steel construction


- 10 each of the following:
- 2mm Shim Washer : 3.4mm OD 2mm ID
- 3mm Shim washer: 4.4mm OD 3mm ID
- 4mm Shim Washer: 5.4mm OD. 4mm ID
- 5mm Shim washer: 6.4mm OD 5mm ID
- 6mm Shim washer: 7.4mm OD. 6mm ID
- 8mm Shim Washer: 9.4mm OD. 8mm ID


- 10 of each shim. Total 60 pieces of shims. (Picture only shows 4 each but comes in 10 each)


- Shims are a vital part of bringing your car to its top performance level. The time spent taking care of loose fitting parts can give a car what it needs to finish first. The kit includes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm shims
- Shims, like all parts have manufacturing tolerance. +/- 0.02mm may be expected on these shims.

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