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HITEC 31085S HS-85BB Servo Micro BB HS/HT Universal

HITEC 31085S HS-85BB Servo Micro BB HS/HT Universal

$ 22.99

Servo Micro BB HS/HT Universal

his is the Hitec/RCD #31085S HS-85BB Mighty Micro Ball Bearing Servo with   
          Universal Futaba J, Hitec S, JR and Airtronics Z Connector.          
  Connector is compatible with all modern receivers and wiring accessories.    
FEATURES:  Micro servo with ball bearing and plastic gears                     
           Great for small planes and hand launch gliders.                     
INCLUDES:  1  HS-85BB servo with pre-installed circular horn                   
           1  Straight horn                                                    
           1  "X" horn                                                         
           2  Black rubber grommets                                            
           2  Brass servo eyelets                                              
           2  Servo mount screws                                               
           2  Black plastic vertical mount                                     
SPECIFICATIONS:  Length- 29mm (1.1")       Weight- 20g (0.7oz)                 
                 Width - 13mm (0.5")       Torque- 2.7 kg-cm (37.8 oz-in)      
                 Height- 30mm (1.1")       Speed - 0.18 sec/60°                
          replacement parts:                                                   
                            6365 Gear set, HRCM5365                            
                            6366 Servo case set                                
                            6326 Micro horn set                                
                            6327 Micro hardware                                
                            6306 Vertical mount                                
                            8471 Ball bearing                                  
           Also available with other connectors:                               
           Servo wire lead is about 5 1/2" long                                
           Only has 2 mount holes 

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